In order to provide comprehensive development for terracotta artisans, the board is constituted on identifying families dependent on terracotta craft for their livelihood and after identification of such families it provides design and technology development workshops to this artisans to cater the market needs. The board has been continuously striving to assist artisans of terracotta craft by providing them with tools and equipment, furnace, raw material, mode of transportation for raw material and finished products etc. The board has been organizing various marketing events across the state which is both state funded and funded by DC(H). The Board has also been giving marketing support to the artisans by assisting the sale of their craft on consignment basis through various state-run established handicraft emporiums across the state of Chhattisgarh. Also as a continuous endeavor towards providing comprehensive marketing of terracotta products, the Board has setup its own emporium at a few places in Chhattisgarh and plans to extend this effort by setting up more and more emporiums at prominent marketing places in Chhattisgarh

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