Chhattisgarh is a land of immense diversities craft-wise. The state’s terracotta-rich culture and heritage are reflected in varied terracotta craft made by craftsmen throughout Chhattisgarh. The artisans use the knowledge and skill in the craft, passed on to them from the previous generations, to create works of art. The medium and methods used to create the craft are indicative of the ingenuity of the craftsmen. Terracotta Craft is the art of making objects from hard clay by exposing them to heat or fire. This art has been used for over 9000 years which is evident from archaeological excavation of decorative and utilitarian artifacts from earliest civilizations that define an era or time in history. Amongst the utilitarian artifacts largely produced in Chhattisgarh, which are decorative as well, are Pots, Cups, Urns, Jars, Vases, Flat Plates etc.

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