• The Board is implementing the various scheme for economic development of terracotta artisan since the year 2012. •

As per census by Chhattisgarh Mati Kala Board, about 20000 families depend on the Terracotta craft for their livelihood in Chhattisgarh. Board is implementing various project for welfare of artisan with fund from Central as well as State Government.

• The manufacturing of terracotta craft is done by artisan at their respective villages. Marketing platform is provided to the artisan by the Board through various state-funded marketing events like crafts fair etc., DC(H) funded marketing events like Gandhi Shilp Bazar, Craft Bazar, Local exhibitions etc. Also from “Shabari” emporiums across state on consignment basis, direct sale through exhibitions, retail outlet of other government commodity counter, by private sector retailers at shopping complex, malls and specialty stores.

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